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Activities of the territory

Sicily, a land rich in history and natural beauty. This island is home to beaches and crystal clear seas, perfect for a dream summer vacation. Furthermore, it is considered an open-air museum thanks to its architectural beauties, from Agrigento to the Baroque temples. There are many cities to visit, starting with Modica, the one that hosts us, and then traveling through the streets of the Baroque, from Scicli to Ibla, up to the Cathedral of Noto.

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San Giovanni Battista

The whole Ragusa gathers around its patron saint with an interminable procession of candles, characterized by the presence of many faithful barefoot or with a red garment, as a sign of a vow or grace received.

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San Giorgio

The patron saint of the city of Modica is accompanied through the streets of the city, with a moment of fires and celebrations on his return to the Duomo. The party is scheduled for the Sunday following April 23rd.

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Madonna Vasa Vasa

Easter in Modica is characterized by the highly anticipated appointment with the Madonna Vasa-Vasa . Corso Umberto is filled with people to accompany the two processions, one starting from church of Santa Maria di Betlem , one with the simulacrum of the “Risen Christ”, and the other with the simulacrum of the “Madonna” covered by a black mourning veil, accompanied by the town band.

infiorata Noto

Infiorata Noto

A majestic work of real works of art created on 700 meters of staircase with about 400,000 flowers used. An event to see at least once in a lifetime.

Gioia a Scicli

il Gioia

The statue of the risen Christ is carried through the Baroque streets of Scicli to greet the city and the devotees. The party par excellence in the city, the most important event of the year.

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The city of Modica is represented by its chocolate and this has an event entirely dedicated to itself, The Chocomodica, which is usually organized in the month of December.